Session 4 – Resurrection

What a privilege it was to meet together to study 1 Corinthians 15 and discuss the resurrection, a topic that the Apostle Paul describes as “of first importance.” This week’s extra mile activities are designed to help us reflect on the wonderful implications of Jesus’ resurrection for us and to help us consider the difference that Jesus rising from the dead makes to our daily Christian lives.

WATCH: What Does Christ’s Resurrection Mean for Us?

With reference to some of the verses in the middle of 1 Corinthians 15 which we didn’t have time to look at fully in our group discussions, Don Carson spells out what difference Jesus’ resurrection makes to the life of a Christian: “Our hope is not to survive until we are 70, or 80 or even 90. Our hope finally is to have a body like Christ’s, to have a resurrection body like Christ’s”.

READ: Witnessing the Resurrection

This thoughtful article by Ed Loane, a lecturer at Moore Theological College in Australia, not only draws out the credibility and consistency of the evidence for the Resurrection but also highlights what the resurrection of Jesus achieves for God, and for God’s people.


Session 3 – The Cross

It was great to be with you all at Growth Group Central this week thinking together about the penal substitutionary work of the Lord Jesus on the cross! This week’s extra-mile activities are a real treat.

WATCH: The Ground of All Human Assurance Before God

Don Carson succinctly and powerfully outlines why the shed blood of the lamb is what silences our Accuser, and gives us rock solid grounds for confidence of our acceptance and forgiveness from God.

READ: Songwriter Keith Getty on what makes ‘In Christ Alone’ Accepted and Contested

A fascinating and insightful interview with Keith Getty, one of the co-writers of the famous and much-loved hymn ‘In Christ Alone’. Find out how he reacted when two different groupings of churches requested permission to alter his song lyrics to remove references to God’s wrath and the atonement. His response helpfully illuminates what is at stake when we stop talking about Jesus’ death in terms of him taking away God’s right anger at our sin (referred to as ‘propitiation’ in the article’).

Session 2 – Fall

Welcome back! I trust you found it helpful and thought-provoking discussing Genesis 3 in Growth Group studies, seeing the nature, seriousness and consequences of our sinful rebellion against our Creator God as well as reflecting on the grace he shows to sinful people like Adam and Eve, and ourselves. The short video and written article below help us to dig deeper into these topics.

WATCH: Rejecting God

In the following video (taken from a course called Essentials) we see Jesus’ unmistakably diagnosis of our spiritual condition and the consequences we all deserve for indulging in cosmic treason against our Maker.

READ: How can a loving God send someone to Hell?

The article linked to below provides a persuasive yet sensitive defence of the goodness, necessity, and fairness of God’s judgement. This is a question that all Christians can expect to be asked at some point, so it is well worth thinking through how you would answer it yourself.

Session 1: Creation

Welcome to the first Discipleship Pathway “Extra-Mile” activities. These additional resources are designed to help you reflect more deeply on the core truths you’ve been discussing together in your growth groups.

Building on your first growth group study,  both the video discussion and written blog below help us to think through what are the most important things for Christians to believe when it comes to the topic of creation. Click the links below to read and watch!

WATCH: Tim Keller, Russell Moore and Ligon Duncan discuss the “non-negotiables” of what the Bible teaches about Creation

READ: Theological Triage and the Doctrine of Creation


The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Discipleship Pathway Blog. This site hosts links to helpful resources that form the extra-mile for the Discipleship Pathway course being run at Woodgreen Evangelical Church in 2019.

Each fortnight I will provide links to one written article and one video resource that helps course members to dig deeper into the topic which we’re studying in our growth groups that week. I trust that God will use these resources to help you grow in your understanding of that Christian teaching, and that you’ll grow to love the Lord Jesus more as a result.

My prayer for the Discipleship Pathway as a whole is that as we prayerfully study God’s word together we’ll understand more of what it means to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Duncan Cobbett

Assistant Pastor, Woodgreen Evangelical Church

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